Welcome to Matrix Development

Matrix Development has been involved in the new construction and renovation industry in the Louisville area since the late 1980's, When we address the design and construction of our clients' projects, their goals are completely fulfilled. Whether the project is as large as a ground up construction, a tenant finish or a build-out, we strive for the highest quality down to the smallest detail. 

Doug Russell

Doug passed in 2011. He is truly missed and will always be a member of the Matrix Team. Doug Russell described himself as a technician with a flair for design. After earning a masters degree in industrial arts from Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, he taught manufacturing and industrial arts in Miami, Florida. He later settled in Louisville where he established his own business DRR Enterprises, Inc., a remodeling contracting firm. Like most successful people in the contracting industry, Doug was fascinated with the mechanics of building something. His father, an electrical engineer and an accomplished tinkerer, nurtured Russell’s interests in teaching him how to design, build and repair just about anything. Russell gained invaluable “hands-on” experience by helping his parents build their own house, by learning how to maintain and repair his own car and by collaborating with his father on the design of boats which he built and raced. Russell was fortunate to have a similar relationship with his own son, Mike. Mike joined the business in 1999 and together they formed Matrix Development, LLC.


After graduating from Ballard High School in 1998 Mike enrolled in the Construction Program at Auburn University. He later earned a business degree from the University of Louisville. Along with his father Doug, Mike formed Matrix Development in late 1999. He has been involved in construction nearly his whole life. “I love this industry and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.” His number one goal is to grow this company, and looks forward to the challenges in the future. “You can’t believe how much fun it is to drive around town and see all the projects you had a hand in making a reality,” Mike says. His interest is in the marketing and planning the firm requires. “There’s nothing like opening the plans and seeing just dirt and bidding on a job and landing it,” he says. While the business has become more complicated and competitive, Mike believes its vision must be to deliver the best product for the client while offering excellent service. Mike was born and raised in Louisville and works hard each day to make Matrix synonymous with the new growth and vision that Louisville, his hometown, has for itself.

Mission Statement

At Matrix Development, our mission is to be a reputable contractor that meets commitments, delivers a quality product at a fair price and is flexible and creative enough to meet the unique requirements of each client. Our future growth is based on our personal commitment to every project. 

The Matrix Team

Mike Russell